Historic Woodberry: Country Charm, City Living

Written by: D. Sellinger | Thursday, Oct 08, 2015 3:00pm

Baltimore is full of charming historic neighborhoods and fabulous architecture. But Historic Woodberry has to be one of our city’s true gems. The neighborhood– which is actually made up of five mini-neighborhoods– includes everything from historic homes built in the 1880s to contemporary park homes and gorgeous converted mill buildings. From nationally recognized restaurants with seasonal delights to the most architecturally intriguing pool in Baltimore, you'll fall in love with the neighborhood for the unique way that chic, converted industrial buildings sit right next to storybook stone houses. The neighborhood’s natural hills can also make you feel as though you’re tucked away in a hidden part of the city– a place where art, culture, fine food, and good living thrive.

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The five mini-neighborhoods that make up Woodberry are Television Hill, Park Hill, Greenspring Trails, Brick Hill and Clipper Mill. You’ve surely seen the The Meadow Mill building countless times from I-83. But if you’ve never stepped inside, you might not know that it houses a fabulous athletic club, a local theatre troupe, a commercial baker, and more. Clipper Mill has long been home to amazing artist studios, including a glassblower, a jewelry designer, and sculptors and designers working in a variety of media. Not to mention the gorgeous condos that much of the mill has been turned into. But for all of its quaint feeling of quiet seclusion, Woodberry couldn’t be easier to get to. The Light Rail stop puts you just a few short steps from the heart of it all, and I-83 is always close by. For those who love a bicycle adventure, the neighborhood is a perfect destination to head to after enjoying a ride through Druid Hill Park or along the Jones Falls. Just be careful when you come for a visit– you may never want to leave.

For more information about Historic Woodberry, visit www.aboutwoodberry.com.

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